Urge Congress to Protect Global Health and Development Funding

Congress is making decisions about the future of global health and development funding right now! 

Lawmakers have many tough budget choices to make, but continuing to prioritize funding for global health and development programs should be an easy one. U.S. funded initiatives have resulted in huge successes in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and the preventable causes of maternal and child deaths around the world. This includes more than 2 million babies born HIV-free because of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). TWO MILLION BABIES.

But our work to improve health around the world is nowhere near finished. Hundreds of thousands of children around the world are still born HIV-positive each year, and many of those kids lack access to the medicines they need to live long and healthy lives. With strong Congressional support, we can keep the momentum going.

Please ask your Representative and Senators to keep Congress committed to this fight and urge them to protect funding for global health and development.